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we like our CONTRACTORS

OBSIDIAN has strong relationships with many area contractors. We understand your needs as a builder and are available quickly for answers, creative solutions, guidance and expertise.
Reasons to use Obsidian for your design, permitting and project management:


- Chelsea Rodgers has over 10 years experience in interior design and project management including CA

- Obsidian is supported by a strong network of relationships in the local industry

- Our response time is quick


- We are playful and fun to work with

- Obsidian is well-versed in international building codes/ADA requirements


- We have good relationships with the permitting departments in Oregon and Washington. This ensures we can get permits in a timely manner

- We move fast and can get the job done

- We are a checks and balances team with you the contractor to catch discrepancies or challenges ahead of time to minimize problems

"BnK Construction has worked with Chelsea for many years when she worked for another company and since she has been on her own. She is extremely quick to respond, excellent with the building departments to procure a permit (hard to do in these days) and her designs are relevant and beautiful. 

I highly recommend Obsidian Design for anything from test fit to a building permit to a trendy and up to date design. We go to them for all of our needs and they never fail to deliver."

Rick Shandy


BnK Construction

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